Funds raised: $3,623 Goal: $100,000

Young Audiences' Run for the Arts

Do you remember your favorite part of your childhood? Chances are, it had something to do with hands-on creating: making music, making color, making sculpture. We know that children are makers, doers and thinkers and that they learn in many different ways. Arts provide just that, many different ways to share their own ideas and learn new ones.

Unfortunately, many schools do not have enough funding to offer great art programs, field trips, or supplies to their students.

Young Audiences' Run for the Arts can help!

Run For the Arts is a jog-a-thon fundraiser coordinated by Young Audiences to help schools raise money to provide these experiences to their students.

Let’s make THE ARTS possible for our schools!

Get involved by:

Donate to our Community Matching Fund!

What is the Community Matching Fund? 
In its 40-year history, Young Audiences' Run for the Arts has raised over $16 million for arts education. Today, we see that low-income schools need more support to raise the funds they need - thus the Run for the Arts Community Matching Fund was created.
The Run for the Arts Community Matching Fund will match the donations collected by students at low-income schools - to let them know their community cares for them and is invested in their success. We know that arts education is a powerful tool in student achievement, and by investing in the Run for the Arts Community Matching Fund, you're transforming a low-income child's learning through engagement, inspiration, and imagination!